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I am a hobbyist game developer and software developer.


Note-worthy projects I worked on that you can check out.

Explore randomly generated worlds in this voxel-sandbox game. An attempted clone at Minecraft.

On Hiatus

Go head-to-head against other online players in this first-person shooter game.

CODENAME: Determination

Explore an open-world, create a living space, or fight other players in a multiplayer game inspired by UNDERTALE.

Unity Party

A Friday Night Funkin' engine created using the Unity Engine, with goals to make in-game modding easy and allow low-end PCs to play FNF'.

About Me & History

My name is Rei! I am an Hispanic-American who is passionate about developing and creating games and software. I been working with the Unity Game Engine for 3-4+ years. I specialize in creating online multiplayer games.

I got into game development when I wanted to create my own version of Minecraft. Silly, I know. After creating my first major Unity project, UnityBlocks, I instantly moved onto wanting to make online multiplayer games. The thought of making a game and able to, both, share it and play with who you shared with was amazing.

Some time after UnityBlocks, I joined now-defunct Team Vulcan in creating an online multiplayer first-person shooter, Polystrike. I helped them fixed bugs then took lead in the multiplayer network implementation when the project began to move to the Photon Unity Networking framework. The game's development slowed to a crawl until it was put on hiatus.

I moved onto to make my second major Unity project, much more ambitious than the first. An online multiplayer game inspired by UNDERTALE by toby fox, CODENAME: Determination. It was in-development for about 2 years, then becoming cancelled and me moving on.

After the second project, I created and experimented with random game genres and styles. Many of these projects never saw the light of day. Until I joined indie game team Shattered Devs, where I am creating another online multiplayer project, forest.end Online.

While developing forest.end Online, I got into the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. After making a joke about how FNF' would be better on Unity, by making a small concept demo in the Editor, I ended up creating Unity Party. It's a robust and performant engine for Friday Night Funkin', able to run on low-end PCs.

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