CN:D Cover

CODENAME: Determination

An online multiplayer game inspired by UNDERTALE.

About CN:D

Hop into the universe of CODENAME: Determination! We got an open social space, just for you to meet new people! Design your own home and share it with the world. CODENAME: Determination has a spot open with your name on it. Come join us!

Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.


History of CN:D

I played my first UNDERTALE fangame, MysteryTale: Online. Then I played my second one, UNDERTALE: Don't Forget. I was so surprised and left in awe because of these games. I wanted to make my own, but originally was gonna be just for friends. A few friends convinced me to put the game onto Game Jolt and into the public. Some of those friends followed me throughout the game's development.

At first, it was just an unused human sprite from UNDERTALE that can be controlled by the player. Any other players would spawn in and control their own player. The game was expanded upon, first with new areas then new characters. More features were implemented, such as chatting and "CHECKs". Then multiple languages, to help put the game into more hands. I implemented the first minigame, too. Violent Route, a PvP gamemode. The game was released onto the Microsoft Store and the Google Play Store. I was very stoked!

Soon, personal stuff kept getting way in the progress of the game's development. I was feeling... demotivated and didn't want to continue it. Now, I believe it was because of my lack of knowledge in the field of Unity Game Development. Even then, I officially announced the discontinuation of the game and moved on.

Now the game is currently being revitalized.

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