A voxel-sandbox game created in the Unity Engine. An attempt at cloning Minecraft.

About UnityBlocks

Welcome to UnityBlocks! A voxel-sandbox where you can build and explore. A game that attempts to recreate the popular sandbox game, Minecraft! Try to build something with the different kinds of blocks, including physic sand.

Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

UnityBlocks Screenshot

The only screenshot of a running UnityBlocks build during development.

History of UnityBlocks

UnityBlocks holds a special place in my memories, because it was the first Unity project I worked on. At the time when I was starting development, I had no knowledge of the Unity Engine or C#. Even then, I still pushed through in developing it. All I had was a laptop and curiousness sprinting around my mind. I learned more about how Unity works and how to code in C# overtime. Though, of course, my programming was sloppy, but if it works then it works.

Despite the game being an obvious clone to Minecraft, it was fun working on it. I implemented whacky and out-of-place features, but my past self didn't care. If it worked and it looked cool (to my eyes), then it was time well-spent. Even though rarely anyone played the project, it didn't demoralize me. It wasn't about if people liked it, but if I enjoyed making it.

Developing and publishing UnityBlocks would be the project to kick off my adventure into hobbyist game development. If I didn't make UnityBlocks, then I probably wouldn't have gotten into working with Unity.

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