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Unity Party

What if Friday Night Funkin' was more easily moddable, ran well on potatoes, and was made in Unity?

About Unity Party

Unity Party is an attempt to recreate the core gameplay of the popular rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin'. The main goal is to allow players to create custom content easily and allow lower-end devices to play FNF'.

Available for Windows Only.


History of Unity Party

I originally came up with the concept of porting Friday Night Funkin' onto the Unity Engine when my higher-end PC malfunctioned and I was forced to use a lower-end PC. I noticed that my PC struggled to run the vanilla game and the Kade Engine-fork, despite the game being simplistic. When I brought this up with a few friends, they also expected the game to run better than how it currently ran.

As a minor joke, I created a concept of FNF' in Unity with an obsolete and rudimentary chart reading system. It only worked for one specific chart and you had to adjust the speed manually to get it on par with the vanilla game.

A few months later, the "project" collected dust. Till I was bored one day and decided to add onto the joke project. I first had to overcome the issues with the chart reader system. Then I discovered the FNFDataAPI, which helped in a major way. I was able to use the API to replace my chart reader system and it was able to read every chart.

I added in core features, such as health, inputs, animations, etc. Then I implemented a system to store song information and able to display it in a UI. This was the time when "song meta information" became a thing for Unity Party. You could store song info, a difficulty text, charter credit, etc. I showed this off to a close friend who was very surprised. This motivated me to keep expanding upon the project.

Days and days later, more features was implemented. During the development of Unity Party, a user by the alias of "Lad" came to me, asking if I'd like to make a mod. I agreed but they said the deadline was in less than a week. I thought "making this mod in Haxe would take too long", so I made the mode in Unity Party. The mod was released as "vs Hecker". It worked... alright. It wasn't the best, but it definitely showed off what Unity Party was capable of.

The development of Unity Party is still going strong to this day.

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